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UYEKI's Brief Introduction
Here's brief information about the company and the products. This page shows only a part of wide products range of UYEKI.
Company Profile

UYEKI’s mission is to deliver “Safe” products, “Useful for daily life”, “The soonest when required”.

UYEKI Co. Ltd., established in 1981, have been producing quality, safe, value added household detergents, bug repellants, etc. and enjoying good market share for a long time in Japan.

Our policy is to deliver the products that are safe and friendly not only to human body but also to the earth and environment. It goes without saying that our products satisfy our customers in its quality, functionality and effectiveness.

See our company policy in the brochure.

Established April, 1981
CEO Yasuo Uyeki
Capital JPY 98 million paid in capital
Line of business

Manufacturing and sales of household commodities including detergents, cleaning agents, etc.
Whole sale of household commodities and medical products.

Locations Head quarters 3-6-25 Kikawahigashi Yodogawa-ku Osaka 532-0012 Japan TEL.06-6838-3355 FAX.06-6885-2203
Tokyo office 7F, Iwamotocho Kita Bldg. 1-8-15, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan
TEL.03-5821-1011 FAX.03-5821-1030
Branches Nagoya, Fukuoka
Logistic centers Osaka, Hyogo

ISO9001: registered No. QAIC/JP/0505, July 8, 2009

ISO14001: registered No. QAIC/JP/0506, July 8, 2009


"Dryning", Household laundry detergents for Dry Clean Only garments


Dry Cleaning is called "dry" because it does not use water but solvent instead in order to wash delicate clothes that could be damaged or transformed or shrink when washed in water. With this very reason, Dry Cleaning is not so good at removing water soluble stains as removing oil based stains. You might have experienced that your dry cleaned garments still smelled perspiration because perspiration is one of water soluble stains that cannot be handled properly by dry cleaning.

UYEKI's Dryning solves this problem. Dryning, containing Orange Oil and biodegradable surfactant made of natural products, can remove both water soluble stains and oil based stains at the same time, namely grease base stains by Orange Oil, and water-soluble stains by natural surfactant. Just take a spoonful of Dryning, dissolve it by water, soak your garments neatly for 10-15 minutes, spin dry them, and rinse and spin dry again and finish. The cost of washing is extremely low compared to dry cleaning service (less than 18 cents per a pair of trousers when washed in 30L water).

Unlike dry cleaning, that uses organic solvent, mostly Perchloroethylene or PERC, which is considered toxic and carcinogenic, Dryning is safe and human-friendly & eco-friendly products, and removes both oil and water based stains, thus most recommended. (Refer to the info for the shortcoming of dry cleaning and toxicity of the solvent.)


Dryning steps

Mighty Dryning removes stubborn spots on a collar of cuffs. Just spray over, and wash the garment, then it will be cleaned up. Mighty Dryning Stick type is an easy-to-use spot remover. Like a glue stick, you just apply a glue on spots, then wash the whole garment.

"Baby's Upholstery Safe Clean" is safe to use for baby cart, baby seat, bed clothes, stuffed toys, and other upholstery.

Babies are more vulnerable, have more delicate & sensitive skins, therefore, need to be taken good care of cleaning method. UYEKI's "Baby's Upholstery Safe Clean" is specially designed and developed to clean baby's upholstery without needing to wash them all. Just spray over upholstery products and wipe off. Its natural & safe ingredients including Orange Oil clean off stains as well as add deodorant and bacterial elimination effects at the same time.


See brochures of Dryning Series.




* "Dryning" is a product name made from abbreviation of Dry Cleaning.

Super Orange Series | natural Orange Oil base

"Super Orange", versatile & powerful cleaning detergent, removes any kind of stains anywhere in house!

Made of orange and palm oil, Super Orange is 99% biodegradable detergent safe for human and the environments. Its cleaning power is so strong, you can dilute it with water. 50 times diluted solution can still work on stains difficult to remove, or even 200 times diluted solution can do with most of cleaning in house. Hence it can not only save cost but also contribute to decrease Co2 emission because of saving transportation traffic in terms of the volume of commodity. Nice fragrance of orange oil makes even more versatile use - for instance, you can clean the refrigerator with Super Orange, and no need to wipe it off. It is safe and the scent of orange oil is pleasant for the foods to be stocked in the refrigerator!


As it is not only powerful, but also skin-friendly, Super Orange is now being used in business, such as Toyota factories, etc. They really love it because it is truly effective, powerful enough to remove grease stains from tools and hands, but there's least skin irritation. (*use on skin is not officially recommended)

Super Orange Strong is an almighty cleanser with super micro powder and Orange Oil. Try burnt or scorched pans or pods, they will become as clean as new ones! Oh!Range Wipe & Clean is convenient to clean a microwave oven. Just heat it for a while, and vapor loosens the stains inside, then you can just wipe them off with the sheet containing Orange Oil and baking soda. Super Oranger Flooring can manage all flooring cleaning.
Removing stains, it adds waxing effect. The more
it is used, the longer the cleanliness lasts. Orange
Oil's fragrance makes cleaning chores pleasant.

See Brochures and Video of Super Orange series.


In case you use Firefox, click here to see Youtube movie.  

"DaniClin", a dust mite repellant, saves atopic babies and solves worries about allergies caused by dust mites and house dusts.

is not a insecticide, but a natural product using non-toxic ingredients that dust mites hate.
With just a few times spraying, DaniClin will make the surface free from dust mites from pillows, beds, etc. where normally dust mites live on and reproduce in huge number and tend to cause itches and even atopic symptoms for babies. Furthermore, DaniClin W Care type has advanced function to inactivate house dusts made of dead dust mites, their feces, pollens, etc. thus eases atopic babies and children who suffer from allergic reactions like asthma, skin allergies, etc.

full of dust mites over the house, click to enlarge

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DaniClin W Care Type

Dust mites live and multiply inside of a pillow, mattress, carpet, stuffed toys, etc. and come up to the surface to feed on dead skin cells regularly shed from humans and their pets. House dusts consist of also dead dust mites, their wastes, pollens, etc. that remain on the surface and become allergen. Once DaniClin W Care is spayed over, these particles are inactivated and dust mites that hates the ingredients of DaniClin run away from the surface and hide inside then some might starve to death


If you would like to make a whole sheet or cover "Keep Away" effect, then DaniClin Laundry Additive type helps you. Just pour a spoonful of DaniClin Laundry Additive in a washing machine and turn it. Wen washed with DaniClin Laundry additive type, a whole sheet or cover gets coated with the effective ingredients that repels dust mites and effectiveness continues for a month even after 2-3 times wash. Can be used together with other laundy finisher like softeners, etc.

DaniClin Laundry Addtive type

DaniClin series are certified and recommended by
Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association

See brochures of DaniClin series.

DaniClin Sheet type
provides quick & easy-to-use solution. The sheet contains an agent that keeps away dust mites. Just place it under bed sheets, pillows, carpets, and the bottom of drawers, closets, etc. and keep-away effect lasts for 6 months or so. There's no other product like this in the market and it is extraordinary low cost solution compared with dust mite proof bed covers, etc. DaniClin Sheet type can be instant turnkey solution without needing to change bed sheets, etc.

DaniClin Sheet type


In case you use Firefox, click here or here to see Youtube movie.

"RoachClin" (CockRoach Stop) is a easy-to-use low toxic roach bait. Very well accepted byyounger generation who do not want to see or treat alive or dead roaches. UYEKI'S RoachClin makes roachs thristy and go outside and disappear.


If you use a spray type roach killer, and if it is toxic, then you or people in the same room have a risk to inhale such a toxic gas. Besides, if you are lucky enough to kill a cockroach, then you need to treat it to dispose regardless you like it or not. In case you use a disposable roach trap, you will need to check if there are roaches caught dead or alive before dispose the trap. Nowadays, younger generation people do not want to see or treat dead or alive roaches either, and UYEKI's RoachClin meet these demands.


A small and low profile tablet contains boric acid mixed with onion bait, which lures roaches to feed on. Those roaches become very thirsty in a few days and roam outside for water till at last they die. Roaches disappear from your house like this and you do not need to do anything but lay RoachClin tablets here and there.


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